Maxter Cladding Concept

The lightest cladding system

MCC is an innovative product which usage achieves a modern look and improved comfort for every type of building. The system is an advanced solution for thermal insulation and modernizing the looks of old or new industrial or residential buildings. The cladding concept of Maxter uses facade cassettes produced from galvanized steel with additional polyester coating in RAL, which is selected individually for each project.
Aside from the esthetic looks that the system provides it also has huge contribution to the high quality insulation and eco life of each building. The subsystem structures allow installation of insulation, which contributes to the exceptionable improvement to energy efficiency of the buildings. MCC can be installed with the use of EPS, XPS, mineral wool and/or rock wool with up to 200mm thickness.
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- Installation of MCC regardless of weather conditions
- Super polyester coating – a guarantee for a long term immaculate appearance
- MCC allows excess moisture to be easily removed, which creates a better quality and healthier environment
- Hydrophobic water vapor layer for a dry and protected insulation
- The system provides additional protection from external noise
- All products of MCC are under the non-flammable and non-combustible category A
- Full recycle-ability of system components