Vineyard steel poles

Mechanized processing and exceptional durability

Advantages of poles produced from steel or hot dip galvanized steel.

One of the advantages of these steel profiles is that they allow mechanized harvest, compared to other systems. Also, they ensure the collection of bigger quantity of harvest with less effort of the mechanization and with less damages on the crops.

Steel poles are produced by the use of two technological processes:

- poles produced from hot dip galvanized coils
- poles from cold rolled or hot rolled coils with subsequent hot dip galvanization.



  • Galvanized steel coils with thickness from 1,5 up to 2,00mm and Zinc content from 100gr/sqm up to 275gr/sqm
  • Black steel coils + hot galvanization of the ready product with thickness from 1,4 up to 2,0mm
  • Length – from 1,20 up to 3,50 meters


  • Type Р 105 – 48х27,5 mm with inside hanger, N-shaped grip, which supports the stable position of the wire, ones hung
  • Type Р 113 - 45х30mm with inside hanger, U-shaped clamp
  • Type Р 113A - 51х34mm with inside hanger, N-shaped grip, which supports the stable position of the wire, ones hung
  • Type Р 120 - 45х35mm with outside hanger, U-shaped clamp

End pole

  • Type Р 140 – 50х40mm with outside hangers and U-shaped clamp
  • Thickness from 1,5 up to 2mm and length from 1,2 to 3,5 meters.


  • Anchors for rocky soil – “Bullet” type
  • Anchors with a disk for sandy soil – diameter of the disk from 120 up to 150mm and height from 500 up to 1200mm
  • Individual steel planting poles type P20 and P30, produced from hot dip galvanized steel with length of the pole from 800 up to 2000mm.
  • Stainless steel wire tension system for wire with diameter up to Ø4,2 mm
  • galvanized wire from Ø1,8 to Ø4 mm
  • Aluzinc wires – 800 -1200N – with high tensile strength and extreme corrosion resistance
  • steel pole and wire connector clamp – stainless steel.
  • wire disconnectors
  • layered steel wires Ø3.0mm, length 4.5 meters
  • Crapal camps for wood poles

Download the catalog of vineyard planting stakes and pegs